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When entering the industry Daniel Brister saw high end clients that had an ultimate desire to spend good money and receive a product that was value for their money.  As Dan worked in the trade, he found that the products that were being delivered were substandard and not the high-quality products they had been sold as.  The companies that were making the products with substandard tools and unqualified men were just the beginning.   The products were being delivered non-engineered, were never put together, used import materials, and unbranded or mixed finishing products which in result was a final product that would not last or would end up having quality issues down the road.    Dan wanted to deliver the product that lasts a life time for the client with quality domestic materials and engineering that the client wanted to pay for.   At Pohl, Dan reviews and approves what materials are used in each product that is delivered.   The high quality aspects of Pohl are in the people and the products that are assembled.    The products that Pohl delivers are of the highest quality custom cabinetry the industry can offer.  Dan's artistic designs through cars/graphics, art and sculpture, and cutting edge design give the client more than they can get from anywhere in the United States. Pohl Custom Cabinetry Inc Brands their furniture with a high quality casting with the global woodworker’s symbol of a saw blade and POHL Daniel Bristers name of quality and respect. As we deliver our entertainment centers, offices, built ins, kitchen & bath cabinetry, wall paneling, ceilings, beams, we will always provide our customer the best for his investment. 

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